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3 steps to achieve lasting quality improvement across your operations and food service teams.


In this free webinar replay we show you how ActivityStudio™ can empower your food operations and service teams to deliver lasting quality improvement in just 3 key steps.  

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This webinar replay covers:



How to easily create robust forms with intelligent time-saving features including auto-generated issue notes, instructions/policies, photo capture. Advanced input features include barcode scanning, bluetooth probes, and asset/equipment integration.
ActivityStudio™ can handle any form you need to create, and all with built-in, highly-flexible Corrective Action Management.


Learn how to empower your team at all levels with recurring scheduled assignments, ensuring your forms are completed by the right people at the right time, with or without internet connectivity. Intelligent automation, real-time engagement and performance reports empower team members to learn and improve, while you optimize your forms in response to feedback and data.

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It’s one thing to raise and resolve issues, but only by learning and improving can a brand achieve lasting quality excellence. We'll demonstrate how, together with the CMX QMS Platform, ActivityStudio™ enables you to continuously refine and improve your forms, and add new ones for new challenges - ultimately empowering teams to consistently raise quality standards.

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Meet your host

Jeremy Thomas

Sr. Sales Engineer for ComplianceMetrix

In this webinar, Jeremy will share knowledge he's gained from nearly two decades of implementing technology to help leading food, retail and hospitality brands of all sizes significantly improve their quality standards and instill corporate culture throughout their organizations.


"For nearly two decades, I've helped both local and global food, retail and hospitality brands leverage relevant technology to significantly improve their quality standards"
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Ready to improve your food services quality and operational standards?